Design thinking and open innovation processes to create value in the clean energy ecosystem


The energy industry is facing disruption. New technologies and business models are reshaping the way energy works, and new startup companies are forging a pathway toward a brighter, cleaner future. But identifying problem-solution fit, dealing with a vast landscape of startups, rapidly emerging technologies, and reticent business lines, means connecting the dots to realise the value of innovation is difficult.

We understand the challenges in making new energy innovation work. We know that more value can be created and captured by communicating innovation opportunities. We also know that not everyone is ready, yet, for that disruption. That is why we have created R/EVOLUTION: a creative innovation process that uses small steps to create big changes, and scales up as fast as you want to.

  • Problem-based innovation strategy consulting
  • Design thinking workshops to test solutions
  • Strategic communications to build internal and external buy-in
  • Keynote presentations on horizon edge of innovation in the clean energy and sustainability ecosystem

We bring value to utilities in the new energy economy and helps startups become who they want to be. 

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